In English

A Danish efterskole is a unique independent residential school for students between 14 and 18 years old. You pay a school fee and live at the school from August to June.

Dejbjerglund is an efterskole with 134 students – equally divided between boys and girls.
We focus on traditional subjects and sports. Our days are filled with maths, science, Danish, German, English, gymnastics, handball and football. We prioritize sport and traditional school subjects equally, because we believe that after learning in the class room you need exercise and exercise give you energy for learning.

At Dejbjerglund Efterskole learning is taking place in a safe environment, where you can be you. You are having a daily routine with 133 friends, so it’s essential to learn to respect each other. The key words ’motivation’ and ’enjoyment’ are going hand in hand. At Dejbjerglund Efterskole you learn for life and you make friends for life.

We are crazy about teaching, which is your guarantee for a creative and an up-to-date class. Our enthusiasm is passed on to you… We are serious about the subjects but are also very much aware of that the class room subjects shall be fun and motivating.

In year nine, we divide the class into levels, to make sure all students are challenged at their level. In year ten the class is divided after your interests and your plans for the future: Science, Society and language or entrepreneurship.

Even though we are crazy about maths and science, we are also crazy about sport. And our students so! You don’t need to be an elite player (but if you are, that’s fine as well) within handball, football or gymnastics to be a student at Dejbjerglund – all you need is to be crazy about physical exercise.

All our sport teachers are dedicated to sport, and in particular gymnastics, handball and football. For sure they will challenge you and give you a lot of experiences.
Gymnastics is compulsory for all students, furthermore you can choose between handball, football and different parts of gymnastics like: tumbling and power tumbling, rhythmic gymnastics and dance.

For us sport is our common interests, and we practise every day.

Each year we go skiing in Austria. This trip is one of our yearly common experiences, and it really gives our students the feeling of being a team.

Year nine also goes to Copenhagen and year ten to different destinations in Europe. These trips open up our minds for different cultures – we meet, taste and experience another country.

6.45 am Morning run (1.5 km)
7.00 am Breakfast
7.15 am Messages
7.25 am Cleaning in your own room
7.50 am Classes– a small break with bread and fruits
12.20 pm Lunch
1.05 pm Story telling
1.25 pm Classes – a small break with fruits
6.00 pm News
6.10 pm Dinner
6.45 pm Cleaning – all students are responsible for an area of the school
7.10 pm Homework
7.45 pm Spare time and different activities
9.30 pm Evening snack
10.00 pm Evening assembly
10.10 pm At your own area
10.30 pm In your bed
11.15 pm We are switching of the light

All students are taking part in cleaning of the school inside and outside. You are also by turn helping our kitchen to prepare delicious food.

The video below explains very well what at Danish efterskole is.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions.