A boarding school

You live and learn 24/7

When you are student at Dejbjerglund Efterskole your daily life is at the school. You are together with your new friends 24/7. Your make friends for life and we are all your new family for a year.

You are accommodated in rooms of four or five people and you help to run the house by taking part in cleaning and have tasks in the kitchen.

Weekends are speciel at Dejbjerglund. You may visit your own family in weekends, but we experience a lot of students choosing to stay. Here the programme is more spontaneous and we have time to do other things. Throughout the year there are a few weekends where you must stay at the school.

See a typical day at Dejbjerglund described here below.

This is my safe-space. I feel Dejbjerglund is my home and my family. Here I’m just me…

Isabella Serup, student 19/20

Dejbjerglund is really great. I’ve learned to be more open – open minded and open to new people. I’ve 133 new friends now.

Alfred Scotwin, student 19/20


A typical day

6.45 am Morning run (1.5 km)
7.00 am Breakfast
7.15 am Messages
7.25 am Cleaning in your own room
7.50 am Classes– a small break with bread and fruits
12.20 pm Lunch
1.05 pm Story telling
1.25 pm Classes – a small break with fruits
6.20 pm Dinner
6.45 pm Cleaning – all students are responsible for an area of the school
7.00 pm Homework
7.45 pm Spare time and different activities
9.30 pm Evening snack and evening assembly
10.00 pm At your own area
10.30 pm In your bed
11.15 pm We are switching of the light