Soccer – more than just a kick-in

If you are looking for at soccer-school in Jutland, you have found the right place. We love soccer – join us! No matter if your ambitions are Premier League or the local soccer team, we guarantee that you will be challenged.

We take soccer seriously while we’re having fun!



During training you will develop your soccer skills. You will be better tactical and technical – these are the words of our students! We expect that you are serious about your training, because it makes you a better player – even if you play at a high level. Together we set goals for your training, and we will support you all the way till we make sure you’ll reach them.

Soccer stadium of artificials turf + goal station

At our new field of artificials turf we can play and train outside throughout the year and at every time of the day. The Goal station has the latest equipment for training your technique and for soccer geekery in general.

Ringkøbing Fodbold

We cooperate with Ringkøbing Fodbold (RIF) which means that you can have extra training lessons in RIF every Tuesday. In this way you can combine the life at Dejbjerglund Efterskole with your passion for soccer.


During the school year we participate in tournaments and no matter if you are playing at team 1, 2 or 3 you will be playing a lot of matches for sure.


To play soccer is always great, but when you play with your best friends, it’s even better. 

Julie Frøjk, student 21/22

We are always being challenged no matter at what level you play. 

Jesper Henningsen, student 19/20

Extra training

If you are serious about soccer, you have the possibilty of extra traing in Rinkgøbing Fodbold once a week while you are a student at Dejbjerglund Efterskole. This is only for you, who are serious about soccer and have ambitions.