Our DNA is full of power

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced gymnast or tumbler Dejbjerglund Efterskole is a good choice. Our teachers are the best and gymnastics is in our blood. We are crazy about sport in general, but gymnastics is our main sport. It’s compulsory for all students. From February to June, we perform our magic gymnastics show more than 20 times in different cities around the country.

All students have five lessons of gymnastics each week. It’s during our gymnastic lessons and shows the magic happens. The community gets stronger, and friendships are developed. We enter the school as individuals but during our gymnastics show, we will magically find the team spirit and turn into one unit. The teaching team is a mix of young teachers with the newest knowledge and more experiences teachers with big overview. The dynamic of the trainer team is your guarantee for a high level within technic and choreography. We dare to think outside the box and our modern facilities create possibilities for challenging you as students and a school year full of power.


We focus on development, which are parred with the high level, seriousness, and community. And this is not only something we say, but also something we act: We use videos and photos to look at your progress and details in tumbling. We take your development seriously. Our tumbling facilities, training studio with mirrors, dance studio and the big indoor arena have all the possible equipment to higher your level as a gymnast/tumbler. At Dejbjerglund Efterskole you will have accesses to it all and all prerequisites for development.

Gymnastics shows

We are known for our magical and creative gymnastics shows. The shows are created, because we dare to throw us self into a big project and dare to have high ambitions. We keep practicing until the tumbling and choreography are spot on. The many hours of practice with sweat, smiles and laughter will bear fruit in the end. “I am” turning into “We are”. Nothing can beat this feeling.

We are doing about 23 gymnastics shows from February to June, primally in Jutland.

More gymnastics

Do you want even more practice in the air? Or more stunning flips so your hair is blowing? Are you crazy about tumbling and double backs? Or maybe you just want to learn how to master a flick-flak? If you are dreaming of more body awareness and to control the turns on the floor and in the air, you can choose to have more lessons of gymnastics during the week.
Your choices are as follows:


We challenge you as a tumbler and develop your tumbling skills. We focus on the single parts of tumbling, but we are also mixing it up and creating tumbling passes to be used in our gymnastics shows.

Our tumbling facilities have all the equipment you can imagine, and it gives you all the prerequisites for increasing your level of tumbling.

We are here for each other – we are clapping and cheering when you succeed, and we support you when some of the exercises are causing you problems.

And then we have the bell… You may ring the bell when something succeeds on the track for the first time.

Team gym & Power tumbling

Power, concentration, balance, and precision. Our trainer team are experienced and will very quickly see, what you can do to continuously develop your tumbling skills. We expect seriousness and involvement if you choose team gym and power tumbling as extra subjects.

Our facilities are very well equipped for your further development. We have among other trampolines, mats and pits for landing, airtrack+, fasttrack, bugee-braces for support and learning.

We participate in competitions, which are fun and challenging for all.

Rhythmic gymnastics

Increase your body awareness and be better at controlling your motoric skills as a floor gymnast.
Basic gymnastics and basic skills are your foundation, and we slowly evolve.

When working with rhythmic floor gymnastics, your body and mind will be challenged with everything from easy routines to more advanced routines, where we combine movements of rhythmic gymnastics and dance. Be ready for a challenge!! It will be frustrating at times, but this WILL pay off, especially at the gymnastic shows.

The desire to develop.
The desire to cooperate.
The desire to give maximum power.


You will be crazy about dancing. You will be challenged physically as well as technically – your dance level will be lifted with guarantee. Our starting point is your level, so you don’t need to be an experienced dancer before you start at Dejbjerglund. However, we do expect, that you are ready to learn and to develop your dancing skills.

You will for sure experience the spontaneous happiness when you are dancing with others and sharing the same passion. Even though we are serious about dance we still have room for fun and laughter when we practice.

For us dance is a team sport. Together we create one dance unit and together we create and experience the magic of dance.

Dejbjerglund Efterskoles gymnastics shows

Our shows are magical.

When we are performing we are lifting the community of Dejbjerglund to new hights. Tumbling, rythmics, dance and music are all turning into one beat. The happiness can be seen in the eyes and in the movements of the students. The students will feel a trickle down the back, the audience, and parents – especially mum – could shed a tear. Be a part of the team and feel the magic.

Below you can see the latest gym and dance shows in full. 

The shows 19/20 + 20/21 are recorded by Hippo Productions.

Our gymnastics shows have really been amazing. We have been proud of the show and it has given us something in common. Cool.

Naja Terkelsen, student 22/23

It’s pretty cool that you learn something new at each training – a new dance style. We have really learned a lot! 

Søs Jensen and Pauline Hindbo
about dance, students 19/20

Extra training 

If you are serious about gymnastics you have the possibily of extra training and participate at the power tumbling teams in our local club. Contact us for further information.