Year 10

The beginning of the next step – the secondary education 

Year 10 at Dejbjerglund Efterskole is the beginning of secondary and not end of primary. Year 10 is not only an extra school year, but a conscious choice and an entrance to secondary. And due to this we are not dividing the students into levels but are focusing on the thoughts and wishes for the future of each student.

Three study programs – three areas of interest

At Dejbjerglund Efterskole the students in year 10 are choosing one of three possible study programs. Each program presents its own area of immersion and interest. When the students are together about the same interest it creates strong connections. Working with your interest motivates and the community keeps up the level of learning.



This program is for you who consider secondary at STX, EUX or HTX. In this program physics/chemistry is compulsory, and math has a high level of focus. You will be introduced to biochemistry. You can choose German as second language.


Society and language

This program is for you, who consider a program at either HHX or STX within society or language. We are working with society related issues within politics, sociology, identity, cultural understanding among others. We are also working with written reports, as you will meet later in your education. We focus on reports containing knowledge, facts, understanding, application, analysis, synthesis, and valuation.



This program is for you who consider an education within entrepreneur/craftsman (EUD/EUX). The program has a practical entrance to the subject. We are working with projects within craftsman profession and with the subjects Danish, math and science related to daily life issues. During the school year the students will participate in a program in close collaboration with established entrepreneurs. For some students this collaboration will lead to an internship or apprenticeship.
If you choose entrepreneurship as your program, be aware that you are not able to choose German or physics as a subject for final exams.

Compulsory subjects

  • Danish
  • English
  • Math
  • Compulsory chosen report  (also called OSO)
  • Subjects linked to your chosen program

Compulsory activities

  • PE
  • Assembly
  • Singing
  • Traditionel Danish Folk dance
  • Gymnastics

Theoretical subjects

These subjects are linked to your chosen program and depends on your program.

    Important information

    In Denmark the deadline for applying for year 10 or a further education is the 1. March.

    You need to have a plan for your education, and this plan is a part of your application. You shall fill it out at:

    Our choice of education and direction  should also be filled out at:


    Professional and study guidance

    All students are offered two conversations during the year to be clarified according to carrier choice and study. We prepare the students to take an independent and realistic choice. Furthermore, we prioritize to introduce the students to their options after year 9 and year 10 and to explain the education system and structure.

    During autumn we have an evening with focus on education. We invite former students to come and tell us about their educational choices.

    In January we have a similar evening for students and their parents. This time we invite different schools to present their school and talk about their options.